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Suspended Magnets for Conveyor Belts

  • Description: 

It’s important to know the allowable suspension height of plate magnet as well as thickness of material burden. This information will be helpful in the proper selection of magnet strength. Another important factor is width of conveyor. Since the magnetic area of plate magnet should cover the entire width of conveyor. In other words, width of conveyor decides the width of plate magnet.

  • Features:

1. Finishing: either brushing or sand blasted.
2. Material of Shell: SUS304 or even 316 stainless steel outside for food industry.
3. Magnetic Strength: Multiform magnetic strength standard to choose
4. Installation: Hinge, hang ring, latch etc can be added to the plate
5. Customer designs, specifications can be fulfilled

  • Drawing Details:






  • Applications:

Dry and semi dry power, granular material in the process of conveyor, such as food factory, chemical processing, ceramic factory, lithium battery and platic injections.

Magnetic Bar

Magnetic Bar

Magnetic Grate

Magnetic Grate