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Magnetic Recess Former

  • Material: Powerful Neodymium Magnets, Steel Parts
  • Surface Treatment:  Zinc Plated for corrosion or made with Rubber
  • Max Working Temperature: 80℃ or as per needs
  • Description: 

The Magnetic Recess Former metal is used  for fixing round anchors in steel precast concrete panel, supported by high powerful permanence magnets.  They are suitable in Capstan lifting anchors from 1.3t to 10.0t and even 20.0t or 30.ot for customers requirements. All magnetic formers
are zinc plated for corrosion resistance or made with rubber coating.
Also plastic magnetic recess former could be avaiable for us for several

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  • Item Specifications:

Item No.




EHMRF-60 60 50 1.3t
EHMRF-74 74 100 2.5t
EHMRF-94 94 120 5.0t
EHMRF-118 118 190 10.0t
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