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Precast Concrete Magnet

Magnetic Shuttering System for Prefabricated Concrete Building Industry Precast_Concrete_Slab_Wall.jpgThe prefabricated buildings are the trend of construction development,vigorously promoted by the authorities and builder in the worldwide, as industrialized processing of a green building method. The critical factor to realize the industrialized, intelligent and standardized production is how to make moulding and demoulding flexibly & efficiently, while requiring re-usability and versatility.

What is Shuttering Magnet?

With the third-generation permanent magnet material neodymium magnets developing as well as the application of magnetic systems, it has just made up for this blank market, by instead of traditional bolting and welding on the platform. It features small size, strong supporting forces, corrosion resistance and durability. It simplifies the installation and demoulding of the side mold for precast concrete elements production.


1. Box Magnets with Push/Pull Button

With this magnetic system, plywood, steel formworks, alumium frame can be firmly fixed on the tables. The product is delivered with integrated high-prefomance magnets with forces from 450 to 2500  kgs. Integrated threads (M16) can be used to adapt special formwork constructions to the boxes.  When the magnets are activated, steel springs are pulling the fromwork againsed the basic steel plate.  The precaster can choose suitable shuttering magnets according to the side mold form and adaptors.


Features / Overview

– Powerful suction forces, such as 450kg box magnets, 900KG magnet, 1350kg magnet, 1500kg magnet, 1800kg magnet, 2100kg magnet and 2500 kg precast magnets.

Integrated automatic mechanism with steel springs  

– Integrated threads M12/M16 to adapt formwork – same magnet can be used for different purposes 

– Optional adapters for your demand to suite your different side molds


2. Inserted Magnets

Inserted Magnets could be in various shapes and func, such as threaded bushing magnet, anchor magnet, magnetic recess former, pvc pipe emerged magnet, electrical wire box magnets. It is ideal for fixing embedded accessories in precast concrete production, taking place of old-fashion welding and bolting connection. It’s easy to fix the embedded parts with durable, cost-saving and efficience, instead of welding or screw bolt connecting. The neodymium magnet is highly recommended to make the embeded sockets and accessories fix on the steel formwork or side mould against sliding and slipping.

The force ranges from 50kg to 200kgs with various options of thread diameters M8,M10,M12,M14,M18,M20, M24 and M32. Other diameters, screws, loading capacity as well as logo laser printing are available for us to produce, according to customers’ demands.

3. Magnetic Shuttering Profile System

This Shuttering Magnetic Formwork System, consist of a frame profile with long groove and integrated magnetic block system, is available in all sized formwork for moulding or demoulding, like double walls and lattice girder ceilings.


  • Standard height: 60,65,70,75 or 80,100 mm, Standard width: 60 mm, Steel plate: 3 mm, Length : 300-4000mm

  • Customized Specifications are available

  • Other specifications are available for your requirements.

We, Awesotech Magnetics, strived to be your best shuttering magnets provider in precast concrete industry. We hope that our expertise in magnetic assemblies can make your PC elements production easier and more efficent, thus contributing to the bright future of green buildings.