Magnetic Technology for Precast Concrete System

If the shuttering area is elaborated in steel, stainless steel, aluminium, multi-layer plates or wood depends on the product and the number of uses. Here we can flexibly meet the requirements of the customer.The fastening of the profiles is usually done by integrated, switchable magnets or alternatively with single magnetic boxes or fastening bars.

precast-concrete-panel-wall-constructionconcrete shuttering plateform







For the production of standard elements tiltable shuttering systems are in use with great success. These shutterings are opened or closed by a central actuating unit. A minimum processing time on the moulding and demoulding stations are the advantages of that system.

The shuttering magnets are adapted according to the required fastening forces to the shuttering heights and shuttering lengths. The neodym magnetic components enable maximum fastening forces at minimum building sizes. The magnetic elements are embedded into pole elements from steel and protected additionally against mechanical damages and corrosion. Long service life and maintenance-free use of the shuttering elements are guaranteed.


Post time: 03-21-2016