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Magfly Magnets for Precast Concrete Industry

With the developing of precast concrete technology, our magnetic solutions is also getting on changing to make the jobs much easier and more convenient.

Previously we produced shuttering magnets with button-push, as push-button magnet, for fixing the steel plateform. This button shuttering-magnetmagnet is suitable for all kinds of formwork construction as steel and plywood shuttering system with appropriate adaptor, are composed with very strong permanent magnets and a shielding steel box. It’s full of 450kgs, 650kgs, 900kgs, 1350kgs, 1500kgs, 1800kgs and 2100kgs.

But the question is that the workers need to use a steel lever tool to pull the button for loading off the magnet from plateform. The more strongger the magnet is, the more strength worker need to use to pull the button up.

And nowdays, with considering of easy operation for worker, we help to develop a kind of Magfly magnet product, called as Magnetic Clamp, as per our customers requirements. It’s same as the products from BT Innovation company. But the price is very cheaper and more competitive than the magnet from BT-Innovation.

MagflyMagfly Magnet system Product details is as bellows.

Combination Parts: Block Magnet System L230x90x50mm, Steel Fixture with handle, Nonferrous Nylon Plate L230x90x15mm

Surface Treatment: Galvanized Plated

Adhesive Force: over 2000kgs

Other specifications is available for us as per your requirements.

Besides, we also can make the steel bracket and handle with black oxidation treatment for rust protection. Meanwhile, in order to adjust the height of magnet suitable for your flyframe fixture, it can use stainless steel to take place of the steel parts.

Post time: 01-13-2016