How to assembly shuttering magnets

Shuttering Magnets are mainly composed with sintered neodymium magnets and steel plates. The magnets and steel parts are machined into shapes with holes in advance. Later the workers need to assembly the magnets and steel parts with screws piece by piece. During the processing of assembling, workers should take notice of  the ‘N’ and ‘S’ pole of magnet. Because the correct magnetic poles arrangment could form a good magnetic circle and maxmium the magnetic force of assembly. Meanwhile, it also should be careful for the strong magnetic power of each magnets to avoid to jam of fingers or skin in between magnets.

In order to fix the inside magnet permanently, the black epoxy  material will be poured to the gap of magnets and steel parts. After 24 hours at least, when the epoxy material becoming solidify, the whole magnet assembly will be put on the table of CNC machine to soomth the surface of shuttering magnets. In this way, it can enlarge the magnetic force of whole assembly max.

Post time: 05-25-2016