Home Kitchen Magnets, Magnetic Clips & Hooks

Apart from industrial applications, like electronics, magnets for motor assemblies and construction magnet, magnetic technology have found wide applications in our daily life.  Varieties of ceiling magnets, magnetic clips and hooks are becoming more and more popular to use in people’s home & kitchen. The magnetic hooks could be painted in white, red, green color or coated with normal NiCuNi or Cr plating. They are functional and decorative, which can be used around the home to hold keys, tea towels, oven gloves, kitchen utensils etc.
Incredibly convenient, versatile and will magnetise to any steel surface such as door, refrigerator, oven, BBQ grill, file cabinet, washer/dryer… They can choose the styles and colors in line with their refrigerator or furnitures color.

  • ALL PURPOSE – Use in your home, kitchen, workplace, office, garage, shed, gym, lockers and many more! This magnetic hook is also a great travel accessory! Hang almost anything from any magnetic surface without having to drill into your home fixtures! No mounting hardware required!
  •  ATTRACTIVE DESIGN – Brushed nickel finish looks great anywhere! Perfect for men or women!
  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE – Small but strong magnetized hooks that can be used in any environment.
  • MULTIPLE USE – 25 LB direct pull strength high grade neodymium magnet hooks for organization, mounting, decorating and storage. Simple to put together and even easier to use!
  • UNSTOPPABLE WARRANTY – The hooks are made from quality materials and they can not be easily destroyed.
  • Put them up anywhere for permanent or temporary application. Or take them with you when you travel for easy storage and hanging solutions.
  •  Neodymium magnets work great on a tool box, steel shelf, metal filing cabinet, metal workbench, magnetic white board, auto, RV, boats, steel framed homes, mobile homes, sheet metal. Use them for organizing cables, wiring, lights, tools, utensils, keys, lockers and many more! And when the holidays come around, use them to easily hang decorations!
  • Direct pull strength- A plant hanging from a hook magnet attached to a steel or metal ceiling would be an example of “direct pull”. Attached to a vertical surface, “sheer force” is roughly 1/3 less than direct pull force. The thickness and content of the steel and the friction of the finish also have an effect.


Awesotech Magnetics is always trying best to offer all kinds of magnetic solutions and assemblies for our customers. So far, we already supplied plenty of pot magnets and magnetic hooks, like RB series magnet assembly, rubber coated pot magnets, plastic housed hanging magnets and ect., to North America, Europen and other market. This ceiling magnets with plastic house are applicable for suspension of promotional materials in home & kitchen.

Post time: 05-24-2016