1.3t,2.5t,5t,10t Semi-Spherical Steel Magnetic Recess Former

This kind of Semi-spherical steel magnetic recess former is used to co-use with anchors. We have specifications as D60mm(50KG) for 1.3t anchor,D74mm(100KG) for 2.5t,D94mm(120KG) for 5.0t, D118mm(190KG) for 10.0t.

A robust solid metal magnetic former is available to special order they need to be used in conjunction with rubber grommets to hold the anchors in place.

Magnetic Steel Recess Formers are designed to facilitate the positioning of Reid lifting anchors in precast concrete panels. They attach to the steel forms by magnetic means making them quick and easy to position and remove.

Steel Recess Former Magnet.jpg

Post time: 03-03-2017