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Welcome to Our Company

Located at Ningbo of China, Awesotech was attributed into neodymium magnets and magnetic assemblies manufacturing for a decade, exclusively for shuttering magnets & all kinds of pot magnets.

Since 2006, we, Ningbo Awesotech Magnetics CO.,LTD, started to machine and produce sintered ndfeb magnets as an OEM factory. A team of experienced professionals in magnetism and magnetic applications are staffed by Awesotech that benefits us with many patented and unique magnet production techniques and processes.

Products Categories

Neodymium Magnets
It is the combination of Pr-Nd metal and other metals, which is the third generation rare earth magnets.
POT Magnets
Available in types of round cups,bipolars,channels,pot magnets & customized specifications.
Industrial Magnetics Assemblies
A wide variety of lifting,holding,fixing and separating magnetic tools.
Precast Concrete Magnets
Precast Concrete Magnet is a new magnetic solution for fixing sidemold & embeded parts on steel platform.